Programming as analogy

Part II

Это всего лишь аналогия. А любая аналогия условна.

Software development = music

Backend = rhythm section

Frontend = melody & other stuff

If thought this way, then, some common things…


Look ma, no Backend

Drum machine

Enterprise-y team


Hip team working on enterprise

Nirvana in suits

Full-stack developer

Bad team that has great PR & pushing product

Backstreet boys

Autotune = linters

Autotune guitar

Backender doing Frontend

Drummer playing guitar with the sticks

Scaffolded/generated backend

Backend not keeping up with the spec

Burnout aka too much work

Creating fancy frontend demo for customer


Whenever there are breaking changes in backend

Different languages = different instruments


Different music styles = different type of projects

Computer Science = Music theory


Patterns = scales, chords, …

Go on and create nice music!


The Passionate Programmer

Джон, просто Джон