While reading awesome book by Joe Armstrong, ‘Programming Erlang’, the one of the first ever exercises made me panic a little bit. The one that tells you, in occasional way, to ‘Find out how to consult manual pages.’.

Running help() in shell didn’t shed any light and consulting google wasn’t straightforward so I’m just shouting out to anybody trying to find out how to read documentation or manual page – just run erl -man <%subject%>, like erl -man lists or erl -man erl.

Also, there’re a bunch of online documentation, like, on official site, alternative site and other stuff you can pick up at ‘Where to get help’ section in http://learnyousomeerlang.com/introduction, you should be checking in any case.

I would love to be black-SEO wizzard to make erl -man whatever to popup as first search result whether I’m trying to lookup documentation on some erlang topic (if man page exist, otherwise – straight to the doc link).

Any other ways of properly getting info on Erlang parts?